Get to Know Us

Hello there! I suppose in my very first blog post I should introduce myself and my family, which you’ll be reading about in the future. My name is Caitlen and I’m a 24 year old mama of two amazing kids, wife to an incredible husband, and I am a full time nightshift nurse. Yes, my life is a little busy! My husband, Ben, and I have been married for almost 5 years now, together for 6 years. We live in a small town in Georgia that we just love!

The older of our two children is our four year old daughter, Mila. She is our spunky, independent girl who is more ambitious then most adults I know. When that tiny, but mighty mind of hers sets its sights on something, it does not easily forget. She is a warrior already and I know she will do great things. Our second child, Teagan, is my sweetheart. He is the very definition of a Mama’s boy. His strengths include, but are not limited to: always ready to cuddle, will eat anytime (not anything, its important not to confuse that), always laughing. T-bug is my laid back, up for anything, go with the flow little guy. We always joke that Teagan is his dad made over and Mila is my mini me. They are total opposites in many ways, but they have an incredible bond and serious love for one another.

I am beyond excited to start this blog and begin sharing our lives with you! My hope is that this blog can bring joy, hope, and encouragement to parents all over. I will be posting on various parenting and Christian topics. Some posts will be light hearted and fun, others may be more heavy and serious. I am going to keep it as real as I can for y’all because this is real life! And let’s be honest, being a Christian mama this day in age is not easy, but we will get through it together!